Worlds (Unity Web Player)


CDG Drawing Room

CDG Drawing Room: (31.7MB)

(06-21-13) Drawing Room (WIP) – Crossroads Historical Society Project

Museum Theater

Theater Museum V2.3 FINAL: (39.7MB) DOWNLOAD (Optional)

(11-12-12) 124 unique meshes (6.19mb); 61 unique textures (23.4mb); 38 dual light maps (101.3mb); 2 sounds (1.01mb)

Lander 3D

Lander 3D: (29.7MB) DOWNLOAD (Optional)

(6-4-12) This is Lander 3D, a game I made following a tutorial from CGCookie. I put a twist on the theme by making everyday household items twenty times the scale (instead of space), while the player plays as a little flying UFO saucer. I also decided to make the game 3D instead of the traditional 2D Lunar Lander games for something different. I primarily made this game to get my hands and feet wet with the Unity Pro game engine. I will do minor fixes and tweaks to the game as time goes on.

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